Security Default ApplicationInstanceCertificate

An application, when installed, has a default ApplicationInstanceCertificate that is valid. The default ApplicationInstanceCertificate shall either be created as part of the installation or installation instructions explicitly describe the process to create and apply a default ApplicationInstanceCertificate to the application.

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Security Default ApplicationInstanceCertificate - 2 Test Cases
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Lab Review the application documentation for information about the product's initial certificate state. Documentation describes the initial state of the product after installation, such as if a self-signed cert was created during installation, or if a pop-up will request the user to complete details, or if the user must follow specified instructions.


Lab The application certificate that is eventually created is used by the application. Try to connect to another product (Server to Client, or Client to Server). The certificate is created as expected, and can be used to make connections with other UA products (assuming certificate trusts have been established).